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Community Outreach

It's not just something we do, it's who we are.


The Midwest Musky Club was founded in 1977 to promote the sport of fishing for Muskies among families and individuals, young and old, of all abilities, with the purpose of improving the skill of anglers through an open exchange of ideas and methods. We don't just see ourselves as helping our communities, we're a part of these communities and they're a part of who we are, too.

We believe we have the best, most dedicated members of any fishing club out there and there's no better way to show it than in sharing how we've promoted fishing actively in our local communities. We consider it a privilege to reach out and get involved beyond our own club.

Below you'll find some examples of ways we've been proud to support many organizations. If you would like to join or club, or you're already a member, and you know of an organization that would benefit from our members' help, let us know -- chances are you'll find other members who are just as dedicated as you are and keen to chip in and help out for a good cause. What's more, we have great fun in all the volunteer work we do, so it doesn't feel like "work" or "volunteering" at all.​

Dateline: Dec 7, 2023 7:30pm
Boy Scout Pack 3617 Color Guard attended a meeting of the Midwest Musky Club in Alsip, IL, to perform the Flag Ceremony to open the meeting. They were joined by the members and were given a standing ovation.
As a thank you, the club made a donation to Pack 3617 .
Here are a few photos of the event.

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